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Rockdust is beneficial and 100 percent natural. Hobby gardens and farms and backyard gardens.

History behind rockdust

Today, the major attention in policy areas as diverse as climate change, resource management and the many links between human diet and health are focusing attention on new ways of protecting our environment and human welfare. Soil remineralization may have the potential to contribute to reducing carbon in our atmosphere by increasing the potential to lock more carbon into soils and biomass. By co-utilising rock dusts with composted organic wastes to create alternative soil fertility systems we could maximise the value-added market potential for these composts in areas of large scale usage such as agriculture, thus avoiding the environmental and social impacts of landfilling these wastes. Their use could potentially reduce diffuse pollution from agricultural systems, particularly in sensitive areas and they may also create a valuable edge to the growing organics production sector as the connection between the health of our soils and the nutritional value of the foods they produce becomes better understood.


• enhanced long term sustainable soil fertility and diverse soil biology;

• multi-season effects;

• enhanced plant establishment, growth and vigour;

• compatibility with organic farming practices;

• enhancement of flavour, aroma and shelf-life of produce;

• high dry matter content, drought resistance, nutritional value and some plant disease

resistance of plants;

• in compost, increases in process performance with integrated resource use and

• carbon sequestration by calcium and magnesium carbonate formation, microfloral accumulation and C-accumulation as soil and crop biomass.

enhances long term sustainable soil fertitly and encourages diverse soil biology. in compost increases process performance

application have multi season effects. gives higher dry matter content, drought resistance, flavor, aroma, nutritional value and some plant disease resistance




is compatible with organic farming practices and increases the mineral status of key food crops with potential consequential health benefits which results in enhanced shelf lif of produce




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