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Rockdust in Bagsværd. Delivery to following areas Herlev, Ballerup, Søborg, Lyngby, Værløse, Farum.


450 gr. æsker

kr. 49,- inkl. moms


To place an order, simply go to the contact page or call (45) 24254252.

By co-utilising rock dusts with composted organic wastes to create alternative soil fertility systems we could maximise the value-added market potential for these composts in areas of large scale usage such as agriculture, thus avoiding the environmental and social impacts of landfilling these wastes. Their use could potentially reduce diffuse pollution from agricultural systems, particularly in sensitive areas and they may also create a valuable growing organics production.



Compost will improve the micro fauna and flora of the soil which helps feed plants and aids in the production of symbiotic relationships with roots. This means tiny insects and organisms will have more to feed on and their out puts will encourage fungi and bacteria that will aid plant roots to take up moisture and nutrients.



Now “remineralization” of the soil is gaining attention as a necessary step to reintroduce vital minerals and trace elements into our growing medium. Compost is the basis for good healthy soil. Over the years, minerals and trace elements are farmed out of the soil, resulting in less productive crops and less nutritional food

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